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Kometos X Aquaponics

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Develop food processing — increase value

Increase value in your farming business with Kometos! We specialize in helping farms develop processing capabilities and increasing profits. Our tailored solutions, advanced equipment, and innovative technologies will improve your processes whilst enhancing animal welfare, and open doors to new markets. Our complete solutions makes vertical integration easy!

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Mobile slaughtery

Kometos Mobile Slaughter brings the halal-certified slaughterhouse services directly to you. Our mobile unit ensures on-site, halal-compliant livestock processing, adhering to strict industry standards and EU regulations on animal welfare. Produced in Finland, our modules guarantee top-quality and compliance.

Mobile slaughtery factory for animals

Meat Thawing

Kometos Mobile Thawing Equipment uses advanced heated-air technique to reduce weight loss during thawing by up to 5% compared to standard methods. Discover the future of efficient thawing for fish and meat, preserving quality and flavor like never before.

Fish, Shrimp and crab processing factory

Kometos Fish, Shrimp and Crab Processing Factory creates precise butchering and filleting to smoking and remarkable rom production, we offer comprehensive services for fish and shrimp. With our scalable modular design, we adapt and grow alongside your business needs.

meat processing and ready-meal factory

Kometos meat processing plants provide a versatile solution for the equally versatile needs of the food industry with products such as sausages, cold cuts and other processed meat products.

Pre-made meal and packaging line

Kometos Finntray complete lines for pre-made meals. Utilizing multi-head weighers, tray sealers, thermoformers, and vertical packaging machines, we offer customizable solutions for various ready-meals. The precise dosing including liquids with solid components makes it ideal for portioned meals such as lasagna, kabsa and more.

Cold storage and tunnel freezer

Kometos Cold Storage and Tunnel Freezing ensures optimal storage conditions for animal and fish products and carcasses. With rapid tunnel freezing technology, we lock in flavors and nutrients while providing efficient freezing.


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KFG Aquaponics Projects

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Large scale aquaponic

Build, operate and run large scale acquaponic plants with fish and green productions.

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Mobile acquaponics

Innovative mobile acquaponic solutions in shipping containers

Our journey from Kristinestad - Finland

We specialize in innovative technologies in food production and food processing systems. Our business started twenty years ago in a small archipelago town called Kristinestad in Finland. Today we work as exclusive distributors in Spain and the gulf for high-tech food processing systems manufacturer called Kometos.

Throughout the years are team of business professionals have joined hands with acquaponical experts to create a cutting-edge system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics in a closed-loop, symbiotic ecosystem. By using fish waste as a natural fertilizer for plants, and the plants as a natural filter for the water, we’re able to create a highly efficient, organic, and environmentally-friendly method of food production.

We’re passionate about providing fresh, healthy, and locally-sourced food to communities around the world, while also reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable agriculture.

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