Mobile slaughtery

mobile truck transported slaughtery

World’s leading slaughtery transported by truck

European Union-certified and Halal-compliant. 

Improved animal welfare and meat quality due to decreased animal transportation needs. 

 Slaughtering capacity of 10-30 cattle/camels or 35-50 sheep/lambs per 8 hours.

The mobile slaughtery consist of a  bleeding and slaughtering unit, a cold storage for carcasses and staff area.

Constructed in Finland with service-agreement and all spareparts manufactured in-house.

Mobile slaughtery factory for animals
Floorplan mobile slaughtering

Mobile pre-constructed slaughtery


Pre-constructed slaughtering facility transported by trucks.

Dual use slaughtering facility suitable for cattle/camels and lambs/sheep.

Processing capability from 10 camels per 8 hours or from 50 lambs per 8 hours.

Customized and developed after customer requirements.

Fully equipped with standard facilites of bleeding, skinning, fine-cut trimming and freezing.

Combine with our meat processing facility for ready-meal and meat products.

Mobile factory for meat and fish processing

Slaughtery capacity 10 camels or 50 lambs per 8 hr

Floorplan small slaughtery

slaughtery capacity 400 lambs per 8hr

Floorplan large slaughtering factory

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