Ready-made meal, packaging and products

Kometos meat processing plants provide a versatile solution for the equally versatile needs of the food industry. Thanks to their modular structure, our meat processing systems are ideal for a variety of operations from meat cutting and processing to storage.

Production capacity of 1.000 kg sausages, meatballs and other meatproducts per 8 hrs.



Meat Processing factory

Tray handling line

In our selection of tray handling lines, you’ll find the right tray handling equipment and packing machines for your product. The Finntray lines include dosing trays and packaging machines designed by Kometos, as well as components provided by our industry-leading partners, such as Tecnovac tray closing machines. Get the full tray handling system or only choose the parts you need.

Tray handling Line

Ready meal dosing line FT-TP-RM

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Dosing unit

Kometos dosing units and food dispensers are designed for packing ready-to-eat meals. Ingredients in the food industry can be expensive – that’s why our dosing and packing line minimizes waste and losses in production.

 All our food dosing systems meet the strictest quality and hygiene requirements of the food processing industry.  

In-house design and manufacturing allow us to provide customers with standard products as well as individually customized solutions

Dosing unit

Nestan 2-headed volume dispenser (FT-DL-1)

Spiran 3-headed volume dispenser (FT-D-SPV)

Spiran 2-headed weight-based dispenser

Dispenser for round components (FT-D-LP)

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